India at 70

As part of his ‘India at 70’ series, writer Arnab Ray has a very good post up on his blog on mob violence. He nonchalantly clears the various cobwebs gathered, nay spun, around the issue (one with immense TRP/Page Views potential, it has to be said), and presents mob violence for what it essentially is….

Gloating Rights

India beat Pakistan by 124 runs in their Champions Trophy, Group B, match on Sunday in Birmingham. For match reports: ESPN Cricinfo [Video autoplays. Careful.], Cricbuzz, Wisden India For match highlights: Hotstar I’m merely exercising my gloating rights here following the Indian win. It is news to no one that Pakistan are no longer ‘Pakistan’….

Aftermath of Adityanath

Let me begin by apologizing for the title. I could not resist it. These are the days it feels like there is only one state in the country: Uttar Pradesh. (Still better than feeling as if there is only Delhi/NCT in the country.) The breathless coverage of Bharatiya Janata Party’s admittedly significant electoral victory in…