Hindu Excess

It is a grand temple, built according to shilpa shastras, dedicated primarily to Goddess Meenakshi, the eternal ruler of Madurai. She reigns supreme from the inner garbhagriham (the sanctum sanctorum) of the temple. She is the one worthiest of worship. For most people, she alone would have been enough. Hindus are not most people. Just…


“Virat Kohli is a great guy. Hope Anushka Sharma marries him.” – Nephew, aged 12, June 4, 2017. Kids these days.

Great Waste

INTERVIEWER: Do you ever wonder what would have become of you if you had stayed in Trinidad? NAIPAUL: I would have killed myself. A friend of mine did—out of stress, I think. He was a boy of mixed race. A lovely boy, and very bright. It was a great waste. -The Art of Fiction 154, Paris Review…

Celebrating Green: Sacred and Wild

via Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green! Burst of green inside the grand granite temple complex of Meenakshi, in Madurai. River Amaravati flows serenely flanked along the margins by green thicket.

On Blogging

“Your new year resolutions take a sudden anachronistic turn in the middle,” he said looking at the list. “They are not for you to read. Put that aside please,” I said wrapping my vEtti. “Item #6 says Read Physical Books,” he said. I took the list from him and put it in my pocket. “You think…

Aesthetic: Ancient and Modern

via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic Aesthetic: ‘Ancient’ on the Left. ‘Modern’ on the Right. Civilisational decline in one picture.