Painful Irony

I don’t know if kids these days living in a world saturated with media content notice irony much better than we did, but my nephew is sure developing a superb eye for it even if I say so myself. Yesterday he was telling me about the road widening project in our home town. The town…

Leave It To Professionals

(This was written two days ago on Ayudha Poojai.) Today is Ayudha Poojai. In our enterprising small town of forty thousand—full of SMEs giving employment to diverse set of professionals like turners, welders, plumbers, electricians, automobile mechanics, auto/taxi drivers, doctors, nurses, load men, civil engineers, masons, charted accountants etc., not to mention a whole lot…

India at 70

As part of his ‘India at 70’ series, writer Arnab Ray has a very good post up on his blog on mob violence. He nonchalantly clears the various cobwebs gathered, nay spun, around the issue (one with immense TRP/Page Views potential, it has to be said), and presents mob violence for what it essentially is….


“Virat Kohli is a great guy. Hope Anushka Sharma marries him.” – The nephew, aged 12. June 4, 2017. Kids these days.

Chennai – First Impression

(Neck-deep in the real world, I’d been ignoring this blog for some time. Now, to get back into the swing of things, let’s try today’s [yesterday’s now] Daily Prompt: Impression.) oOo I did not visit Chennai until I was already an adult and when I finally did, the first impression was a sight to behold….

Aesthetic: Ancient and Modern

via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic Aesthetic: ‘Ancient’ on the Left. ‘Modern’ on the Right. Civilisational decline in one picture.