Boldness To Face Terrible Things

“The most practical teaching of the Gita, and one for which it is of abiding interest and value to the men of the world with whom life is a series of struggles, is not to give way to any morbid sentimentality when duty demands sternness and the boldness to face terrible things.” -Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Aftermath of Adityanath

Let me begin by apologizing for the title. I could not resist it. These are the days it feels like there is only one state in the country: Uttar Pradesh. (Still better than feeling as if there is only Delhi/NCT in the country.) The breathless coverage of Bharatiya Janata Party’s admittedly significant electoral victory in…

Maha Sivarathiri at the Village

“மேன்மைகொள் சைவநீதி விளங்குக உலகமெல்லாம்,” the priest implores at this tiny temple in a remote corner of India.


The DA case judgement [PDF] is 570 pages long. But there is a rather interesting supplement at the end which is very short. I’d encourage you to read those 7 pages at the least, if not for anything else, just for the language of the honourable justice Amitava Roy (who by the way happens to…

Service Culture

“I’m not going to complain about Britain’s “lack of a service culture”—it’s one of the things I cherish about the place. I don’t think any nation should elevate service to the status of culture. At best, it’s a practicality, to be enacted politely and decently by both parties, but no one should be asked to…