On Blogging


“Your new year resolutions take a sudden anachronistic turn in the middle,” he said looking at the list.

“They are not for you to read. Put that list aside please,” I said wrapping my vEtti.

“Item #6 says Read Physical Books,” he said.

I took the list from him and put it in my pocket. “You think that is anachronistic?”

“Maybe not. But the next item says Resume Blogging.”

I removed the mobile from charging and grabbed the wallet. We came out of the house, locked it, and started walking towards the breakfast place.

“A Calvin and Hobbes strip comes to mind,” I said. “Calvin screams, ‘WHY DOES MAN CREATE?’”


“Yeah, I remember that. He wonders if it is boredom that makes man to create. Typical Calvin,” he said. We crossed the road. “But nobody could create anything while they are bored. Creation does not happen that way at all. Otherwise we would all be artists and scientists.”

We reached the largely empty restaurant and managed to order Masala Dosai and Kaapi after some difficulty thanks to the North Indian waiter who knew no Tamil.

We finished eating in silence. The Kaapi was a little too sweet for my taste.

I took the bill and said, “I’m going to call my blog Epistemic Modesty.”

“Thugs call themselves Sena. Bollywood stars call themselves Artists. I see no reason why you can’t call your blog a goddamned Infinite Jest if that’s what you want,” my Alter Ego said and stood up.


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