Hindu Excess

It is a grand temple, built according to shilpa shastras, dedicated primarily to Goddess Meenakshi, the eternal ruler of Madurai. She reigns supreme from the inner garbhagriham (the sanctum sanctorum) of the temple. She is the one worthiest of worship. For most people, she alone would have been enough. Hindus are not most people. Just…

Gloating Rights

India beat Pakistan by 124 runs in their Champions Trophy, Group B, match on Sunday in Birmingham. For match reports: ESPN Cricinfo [Video autoplays. Careful.], Cricbuzz, Wisden India For match highlights: Hotstar I’m merely exercising my gloating rights here following the Indian win. It is news to no one that Pakistan are no longer ‘Pakistan’….


“Virat Kohli is a great guy. Hope Anushka Sharma marries him.” – Nephew, aged 12, June 4, 2017. Kids these days.

Epistemic Modesty

ஓசைபெற்றுயர் பாற்கட லுற்றொரு பூசைமுற்றவு நக்குபு புக்கென ஆசைபற்றி யறையலுற் றேன்மற்றிக் காசில்கொற்றத் திராமன் கதையரோ (4) அறையு மாடரங் கும்மடப் பிள்ளைகள் தரையிற் கீறிடிற் றச்சருங் காய்வரோ இறையு ஞான மிலாதவன் புன்கவி முறையி னூலுணர்ந் தாரு முனிவரோ (9) Epistemic modesty of Kavi Chakravarthi. The mind boggles.

Descend – Little Hesitant Steps

via Daily Prompt: Descend தயங்கித் தயங்கி அம்மாவின் கை பிடித்து மெதுவாகப் படி இறங்குகிறது குழந்தை. சீராகப் போய்க் கொண்டிருந்த காலம் சற்று தயங்கித் தயங்கி முன்னகர்கிறது. -முகுந்த் நாகராஜன் It seems next to impossible to translate a Tamil poem into English. The moment you try to translate one, everything good about it—structure, rhetoric, syntactic suspense, you name it—goes for a toss. And…

Chennai – First Impression

(Neck-deep in the real world, I’d been ignoring this blog for some time. Now, to get back into the swing of things, let’s try today’s [yesterday’s now] Daily Prompt: Impression.) oOo I did not visit Chennai until I was already an adult—we in the Kongu region are secretly Coimbatore supremacists—and when I finally did, the…